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How to participate

All development and international cooperation actors can be part of the process of creating the School: national governments, local governments, international organizations, foundations, universities, NGOs, associations, social economy actors.

The interested actors must contact the KIP-UN initiative to propose the activities that they would include in the preparatory process of the School. For example: strategic projects, projects for the dissemination of innovations, laboratories of change, cultural productions, intensive training courses, university and post graduate courses, action-research projects, meetings, seminars, events etc.

KIP-UN Initiative doesn’t have funds to support the proposed activities, during the preparatory phase of the School. It means that each participant entity has to assume the costs of its activities or can ask the support of donor entities.

Based on the plan of activities agreed, the participant entities will sign an agreement with the KIP-UN Promotion Committee. In this agreement is normally foreseen that the legal representative of the participant entity becomes a member of the Steering Committee of the KIP-UN Initiative and one or more experts of the participant entity become members of its Technical Group. The participant entity can be formed by a formal or informal association of different partners.