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Collaboration with the United Nations Agencies and International Organisations

The School is based on the experience of the multilateral human development programmes, started in 1989 with the PRODERE programme in Central America and implemented in the last twenty years. The participating countries are: Albania, Angola, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Libya, Macedonia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia. The United Nations Organizations which implemented these programmes are: FAO, IDNDR-UNISDR, IFAD, HABITAT, ILO, PAHO, UNCDF, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNICRI, UNEP, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNIFEM-UN Women, UNDP, UNOPS, UNV, WHO.

The following United Nations Agencies and international organizations established collaboration with the KIP International School:

FAO. Througha specific agreement with the KIP International School, FAO has created the United Nations Garden at the world Expo 2015 Milan - Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, in the KIP Pavilion area.

UNESCO. The UNESCO Office in Venice participated in the preparation and implementation of the KIP Pavilion activities at the world Expo 2015 Milan.

UNICEF. The KIP Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan hosted an international seminar on the primary health care in the Sahel region, organized by UNICEF.

ILO. The ILO Crisis Office collaborates with the ILS LEDA Programme activities for the implementation and strengthening of the LEDAs and supports the IDEASS Programme for the promotion of innovative technologies for sustainable and human development. A senior expert from ILO has been a member of the KIP Scientific Committee.

IFAD. The IDEASS Programme has been supported by IFAD through the IFAD UNOPS STEP Programme.

UNEP. A senior expert from UNEP has been a member of the KIP Scientific Committee with the function of liaison officer between the School and the Organization. 

UN HABITAT. Habitat supported the realization of the Electronic Journal Universitas Forum of the Universitas Programme.

UN WOMEN. The ILS LEDA, Universitas and IDEASS Programmes collaborated with the MyDEL (Women and Local Economic Development) Programme of the UN WOMEN Regional Bureau for Mexico, Central America, Cuba y Dominican Republic.

UNDP Albania. In the framework of the UNDP ART GOLD Albania Programme, the ILSLEDA, IDEASS and Universitas Programmes collaborated to implement the School Laboratories in the Regions of Vlore and Shkoder.

UNDP Colombia. The ILSLEDA and IDEASS Programmes collaborated in Colombia in the framework of the UNDP ART REDES Programme to support the Local Economic Development Agencies and to promote innovations for human development.

UNOPS Geneva. A senior expert of UNOPS has been a member of the KIP Scientific Committee.

UNOPS Tunisia. The School collaborated with the activities of UNOPS for territorial development in Tunisia, in particular through its Scientific Committee, the SIP Programme for Decentralized Cooperation and the IDEASS Programme.

WHO. A senior expert from WHO has been a member of the KIP Scientific Committee with the function of liaison officer between the School and the Organization.

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). Collaboration is ongoing with the ILSLEDA Programme to jointly organize initiatives related to economic inclusion and to participate in events with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge.

Cultural Council of the Union for the Mediterranean. The Cultural Council, supported by the French Government, established in 2009 a collaboration agreement with the KIP School. In particular, the Programme of the Mediterranean University of Trades, promoted by the School, has been declared as a strategic initiative by the Cultural Council.


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