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Other Partners

The following institutions, international networks, universities and associationsestablished collaboration with the KIP International School:

EXPO 2015 Company.  The KIP International School built and managed the KIP Pavilion at 2015 Milan EXPO through a specific agreement with the EXPO 2015 Company. 269 central government and United Nations organizations, institutions, regional and local authorities, universities, foundations, associations and private sector actors involved in international networks participated in the KIP Pavilion activities making exhibitions of their respective territorial development initiatives.

University of Milano Bicocca. Collaboration is ongoing in the framework of the International Doctorate on sustainable human development that the University of Milano Bicocca realizes in partnership with the Argentinian University A.Jauretche, the Cuban University of Sancti Spiritus and the Nicaraguan National University of Managua.

International Network of Universities. Collaboration is ongoing in the framework of the KIP strategy for an international network of training and research initiatives for development professionals with the University of Milano Bicocca and its International Doctorate on sustainable human development, the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, the University of Bologna’s Master in Human Rights, Migration and Intercultural Inclusion, the Post-graduate Direction of the Universidad de Antioquia in Colombia, the Programa Universitario de Estudios del Desarrollo PUED – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and a network of Senegalese universities, especially Université Gaston Berger of Saint Louis and Universite? Assane Seck of Ziguinchor.

Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal. The Universitas Programme of the KIP International School has collaborated with the universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg as part of an international laboratory on urban poverty reduction in Winnipeg, with the International Secretariat on Human Development at York University in Toronto for several initiatives including the development of the electronic library Human Development Research Network, and with Concordia University in Montreal to organize an international study tour on local development and the social economy.

International Development Research Centre. The KIP International School, through the Universitas Programme, collaborated with the International Development Research Centre of Canada on projects to identify and systematize innovative experiences related to decentralization, local development and women’s empowerment and related to urban poverty, and to publish the results of the research in two issues of Universitas Forum.

Consortium Enbek-Kazakh- Alliance for Sustainable Economic and Human Development- ODAK.  The project is funded by the European Union and aims to enhance the Enbek-Kazakh District’s abilities of civil society organisations in shaping promising and sustainable horizons for their local economic development. The project is carried out by the Formaper Company for Training of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan (Italy), the ILSLEDA International Network - KIP International School, the IEAWO (International Environmental Association of Women of Orient) and FKF (Farmers of Kazakhstan Association).

International Network of Bio-Districts and Eco-Regions INNER.  Collaboration is ongoing to systematize and disseminate the innovative methods of sustainable territorial development adopted by the Bio-Districts with all the stakeholders involved in the KIP International School. A newsletter on innovations promoted by IDEASS is sent monthly to INNER members to stimulate their use. 

World Agricultural Heritage Foundation WAHF. Collaboration is ongoing between WAHFand the IDEASS programme to disseminate the innovative methods of the Globally and Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) and their results for sustainable territorial development.

Development Network (DEVNET). DEVNET established a collaboration agreement with the KIP International School to promote its activities in China and to identify and promote innovations for human development in collaboration with the IDEASS Programme.

EURADA - European Association of Development Agencies. EURADA is one of the founders of the ILSLEDA Programme and collaborates to develop tools, support ILSLEDA training initiatives, carry out joint projects and programs, and to facilitate the links between its members and the Local Economic Development Agencies belonging to the ILSLEDA network.

EBN. European association of the Business Innovation Centers (BICs).  The ILS LEDA Programme collaborated with EBN to establish partnerships between BICs and LEDAs and to implement joint projects for territorial and economic development in the field of innovative technologies, environment, trade and social inclusion. These projects also seek to improve the LEDAs' management, administration, and technical skills. IDEASS Programme collaborated in organizing an international competition on innovations for territorial development addressed to members of the EBN Network.

ADR- Association of the Spanish Regional Development Agencies.  ILSLEDA collaborates with ADR, ReMALDH (Network of the Latin American LEDAs) and EURADA to ensure the generation of sustainable and durable links between agencies in Europe and Latin America, both at the institutional level and in developing specific cooperation projects.

European Committee of Rights, Ethics and Psychiatry CEDEP. Brussels-Paris. CEDEP is collaborating with the School to define a training activity on mental health and human development, and to organize in Paris (France) a laboratory recognized by the KIP School.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health. Collaborations are ongoing with the WHO Collaboration Center, based in the Mental Health Department (MHD) of the ASS1 in the Trieste Local Healthcare Agency (ASS n.1); with the Department of Mental Health of the Azienda per l’Assistenza Sanitaria n.2, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, and with the CON/F/BASAGLIA conferenza permanente per la salute mentale nel mondo, Trieste.


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