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Edgar Morin

Edgar Morin, originator of complex thought, is the President of the Scientific Committee of the KIP International School. He is Director Emeritus of Research at the CNRS in France, Doctor Honoris Causa in twenty universities of different continents. From 1977 to 2006, he published 6 volumes of the work Method, a proposal internationally studied thanks to its translation into dozens of languages. His work has had a special influence on contemporary reflection in the Mediterranean, Asian (China and Japan) and Latinamerican worlds. He has advised and has actively participated in highly innovative programs promoted by United Nations Organizations. In particular, in 1999, UNESCO presented the book Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Futureto the international community, which was widely received by governments, the academic community, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations. In 2011 he releasedhis latest work, The Way- For the Future of Humanity, in which he outlines the content of major reforms that mankind must undertake in this century.Throughout his life he has produced hundreds of works (books, documentaries, films, lectures, projects). Considered the greatest European thinker on complexity, he maintains his visionary and realistic ability to generate proposals for radical changes needed to address the fundamental problems facing humanity in this century.

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