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Gustavo López Ospina

Gustavo López Ospina, economist, is the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the KIP International School. Director of UNESCO's transdisciplinary project on education for a sustainable world (1994-2001) he was a pioneer in promoting new thinking and ways of addressing the main problems of humanity, within UNESCO and its joint action with the United Nations System. In this role, he maintained contact and permanent dialogue with thinkers, Nobel prize winners in different disciplines, scientists and international leaders concerned with sustainable human development, including the philosopher Edgar Morin. His active participation, on behalf of UNESCO, in the World Summits organized by the United Nations from 1991 to 2005, gave him the opportunity to enhance dialogue with civilizations and cultures from all continents, enriching the views and proposals contained in his books, documents and texts of the lectures given throughout his career. He was engaged with the United Nations for thirty-four years,  as Director of UNESCO in New York, Director of the Higher Education Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean and Representative in Brazil. Early in his career he was General Secretary and Deputy Minister of Education in Colombia. He is currently a member of the Board of the International Association of Complex Thinking, based in Paris, and Director of the Complexus National Corporation in Colombia.

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