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Luciano Carrino

Luciano Carrino, psychiatrist, is the President of the KIP International School and Executive Representative of its Scientific Committee. He is Vice President of the OECD/DAC Poverty Group (POVNET) for 2011/12. He has been technically responsible for the multilateral Human Development Programmes supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and realized, over the last twenty years, by UNDP, WHO, ILO, UNHCR, IFAD, UNOPS, UNIFEM, HABITAT and other UN Organisations in various countries: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bosnia, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Gabon, Honduras, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Serbia, South Africa and Tunisia. He has been consultant of WHO for disaster management and preparedness, of the European Union for anti-poverty programmes, of the European Parliament and UNDP for conflict prevention and management. He is the author of a WHO Manual Coping with Natural Disasters: the role of local health personnel, of the book Poverty and Services Coordination, published by the European Union Commission, and of many books on international development, including the recent Pearls and Pirates: Critique of Development Cooperation and New Multilateralism. He also produced an educational series of cartoons of Radiotelevisione Italiana on Human Development (2000), and 20 documentaries on poverty and human development (1980-2002). Earlier in his career as a psychiatrist, he was one of the leading figures in the movements that led to mental health policy reform in Italy in 1978.

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