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Activities of the School

The School, beyond working according to the priorities established with its individual partners, promotes the implementation of several activities in interested countries and at the international level.

Production and dissemination of knowledge
The School supports the organization of conferences, symposia, thematic days, cultural campaigns, exhibitions, international competitions and other events that contribute to enriching the culture of human development. The School also supports the production of documents, publications, periodicals, web sites and electronic libraries. The web pages of IDEASS programme (, ILSLEDA programme ( and Universitas Forum ( are an example of such knowledge dissemination activities.

The network of laboratories of change
The laboratories are consolidated experiences of integrated or thematic territorial development. Working in collaboration with universities and research centres, they offer a permanent and structured environment for visitors, students, researchers, experts, teachers and other actors interested in participating in activities and extracting from them indications to disseminate nationally and globally. The School is setting up an international network of these laboratories, which include innovative and strategic projects and offer a terrain for research and knowledge production.

Training and higher education projects
The School promotes projects which, at the request of national and local governments and social actors, provide professional development and advanced courses for development managers: intensive courses, exchange of experiences, training-of-trainers, study tours and similar activities.

University training
The School also promotes university programmes for future professionals of development (degrees, masters’ courses, etc.) in collaboration with universities interested in developing curricula in line with the Agenda 2030 and linked to concrete territorial development experiences. Such university programmes would link the specific realities and cultures where they are located with the international debate on the future of everyone.

Innovative strategic projects
To satisfy requests from national and local governments, the School develops projects to support reforms in line with the UN Agenda 2030, fine-tuning solutions and working methods which can then be disseminated. These projects enhance partnerships between public and private actors and associations, in particular at regional and local level. In this framework, action-research is also encouraged to systematize practices, so that they may be disseminated nationally and internationally, and so that innovative methodologies and technologies of human development are enhanced.


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