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Alfredo Lazarte Hoyle

Alfredo Lazarte Hoyle is the Director of the Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction of the International Labour Organization (ILO/CRISIS). Born in Peru, is an economist of the Universidad del Pacífico (Lima 1978). Joined the ILO in 1991, working as technical specialist in fields such as microfinance, rural development, the informal sector and MSE development. Since 2000, he has been a member of the CRISIS team, operating in more than 60 countries in special situations worldwide. He was one of the first ILO specialists to develop and introduce the concept and approach of local economic development (Central America/PRODERE 1991–96), and developed its variant “local economic recovery” for countries in post-crisis recovery and reconstruction processes. Since 2006, he is serving as co-chairman of the UN Working Group on Post-conflict Employment Creation, Income Generation and Reintegration. He has been Chairman of the International Recovery Platform (IRP) for the period 2008–10. IRP is the post-disaster recovery specialized knowledge platform under UN–ISDR system, which includes a broad membership of representatives from the UN, IFIs, donor countries, INGOs, specialized centres, and regions. He has published several articles related to microfinance, MSE development and, principally, local economic development and recovery.

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