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Samir Ben Yahmed

Samir BEN YAHMED is an MD with post graduate degrees in occupational health and in emergency management. He holds a doctorate in injury prevention and mass casualty management. He had several responsibilities at national level as regional director of public health services and later as CEO of the Central University Hospital in Tunis. He was also the head of the Tunisian Civil Defence Department for three years. At international level, Samir worked as an expert for the International Civil Defence Organization and then joined WHO in 1989. He served in different capacities as chief of the emergency and preparedness and response programme, Director of the WHO Centre for Vulnerability Reduction (and risk management), Director of the Iraq programme and more recently Director Health Action in Crises at the HQs of the WHO in Geneva. Samir is the author or coordinator of several national and WHO publications among which a WHO manual on Emergency Preparedness Processes at community level, Rapid Assessment Protocols in Emergency Situations (WHO), Search and Rescue Operations at local level (ICDO/WHO publication), Global Harmonization of First Aid Techniques (IFRC/WHO manual) and Management of Nutritional Emergencies.

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