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Antonio Vázquez-Barquero

Antonio Vázquez-Barquero is member of the Scientific Committee of the KIP International School, and has the chair in Economic Development at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. As a researcher his main interest is endogenous development, spatial organization of production, including clusters and industrial districts, and local development policy. Since the early 1980´s both local development and the study of small scale industry in rural areas were at the core of his research. He paid special attention to late industrialized countries of Europe during the 1980´s and since then has widened his interest to include Latin America, Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific countries. His conceptualization of endogenous development as a territorial approach helps define strategies and policies based on economic, social, ecological and cultural factors by local actors. He has worked for the World Bank, UNDP, ILO, CEPAL, EU and municipalities and regional governments in, among other countries, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Albania, Greece, Russia, Vietnam and Malaysia. He was a visiting professor at the universities of Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, La Habana, San Martin in Buenos Aires, Caracas, Catholic University of Chile, Los Andes in Bogotá, and also visiting fellow at Yale University. He has published over 70 articles and books; his latest book entitled The New Forces of Development. Territorial policy for Endogenous Developmentappeared in 2010. 

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