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Philippe Marcadent

Philippe Marcadent, Chief of the Conditions of Work and Employment Branch of the International Labour Office, is member of the Scientific Committee of the KIP International School. Born in France, he completed advanced and special mathematics classes in Montpellier. He holds a degree of agronomist (engineer) and a postgraduate diploma in economics of rural development. He began his professional career in the development of econometrics models in a French private bank and then worked in Mexico as economist for a research institute. He joined the ILO in 1988 as Expert in research and cooperative management in Togo. In 1991, he has was appointed Coordinator of the ILO ACOPAM Programme in Burkina Faso where he played a key role in the development of a new approach of natural resources management that developed quickly in the Sahel. In 1994, he was transferred to Dakar where he was in charge of the knowledge and policy development activities for a large scale ILO Programme and began in 1995 his work on the extension of social protection to excluded people. Since then he has been at the forefront of the activities of the ILO in this field as Technical Coordinator of the Global STEP Programme and as Policy Coordinator for the extension of social security to workers in the informal economy and rural areas at the Social Security Department of the ILO. Prior to join his current position, he was senior advisor of the Executive Director of the Social Protection Sector of the ILO. He as published numerous publications in the field of financing, food security, natural resources management, fight against poverty and extension of social security.

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